Yo folks! Check out this free bitcrusher plugin by Triktik. It’s called “Krush” and it will def krush your speakers! This plugin is available as VST / AU / AAX for Mac and Windows in 32 and 64 bit. Here are the main key features by the developers:

Main Controls
● Crunchy drive stage
● Bit depth reduction
● Sample rate reduction
● Analog modeled resonant filters (low-pass and high-pass)

Modulation Section
● Free or tempo-synced modulation speed
● 4 modulation waveforms
● Modulation depth for every parameter

● Fully resizable interface !
● Clean and intuitive
● Tooltips and preferences in english, french, portuguese or spanish

● File based preset system
● Access through menu or browser
● Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
● Copy/paste current state using the system clipboard

The interface looks great too..chapeau to the designer! Compared to other free VST plugins, this GUI looks very professional and feels pretty handy. Aesthetics, but not for your eyes only.
Check out our testing videos / sounds with the presets on drums and on a baseline.

The lesson is clear…put this plugin on your drums and baaaammm…even your poor fruity samples get nasty!
Download this plugin directly from the Tritik website.