Yo Beatarchitects out there! You have a lot of beats and you don’t know what to do with it. Heres the Trick. Why not you don’t press your own Beatvinyl or even a Beatmixtape. All that is easy and stressless now. Qrates is a service from Japan that provides this all, fully and on the fly. A one stop service to press, sell, and distribute your vinyl to record stores worldwide. The QRATES website allows you to build an online music store, design your release, set your costs, then press your vinyl – but only when enough people have pledged to buy your record. Choose how many records you’d like to press and sell (minimum 100) and a fund-raising page is started. Once you hit your target, the presses kick in to life.


No longer phone calls with the Pressplants or ridiculous delivery times. Particularly to press your beats on Mixtapes, on their new Growdfunding project we found a very cool thing. What do you think?

Get all the Infos u need on: QRATES.com